Vamshi  demanded a clear and transparent CBI probe submergence KLI project. to reveal the facts and figures

Hyderabad,OCT18::AICC secretary Challa Vamshi Chand Reddy, Addressing to the media at Mahabhubnagar slammed the TRS govt and called it responsible for the submergence of the stage 1 pump house of the KLI project.

He accused the govt of going ahead with the redesigning of the pump house of the PRLIS by considering the report from its favourable departmental committee that included even a contractor as one of its members while 3 other committees have rejected the re-design.He reminded them of how he had warned the govt of this disaster, in assembly during his term as an MLA  in 2016.

Vamshi  demanded a clear and transparent CBI probe in this matter to reveal the facts and figures to the people of Telangana.With an eye on commissions, the TRS govt has stooped down to a dangerous level of not caring for the interests of the lakhs of farmers of Telangana.

The govt including the then minister Jupally krishna Rao and MLAs disregarded repeated warnings from various irrigation experts, he said.Despite knowing of the facts and a loss of over 1000cr, they still went ahead with the redesigning of the PRLIS project. He said TRS ministers and palamoor MLAs should be held accountable for the loss incurred and should resign from thier posts immediately. Mr. Penta Reddy, who was felicitated as the father of lift irrigation projects, by the Chief Minister and the then irrigation minister Harish Rao,  Vamshi has cautioned and warned the govt  going ahead with the re-design plans.

He said that The steering committee too has called it a futile approach both technically and economically in June 2016 and warned of the difficulties to be faced in case the project was executed.How has the govt forgotten that the respective collector  has handed over the allotted lands to the contractors for the surface pump construction as agreed earlier and advised them to proceed accordingly, he questioned. The re-design proposal was not declined by steering committee alone but by a joint steering committee too. But with an intention to grab commission by hook or crook, the navayuga contractors along with the govt has gone ahead with the re-designing disregarding all the committee reports given by several irrigation experts,

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