Water recedes from most of the inundated areas but leaves behind a trail of destruction

Day 3 of the deluge, in many low lying areas the water is slowly started receding. Signs of damage and destruction are visible now.

Sludge, garbage is found all strewn around houses and streets in some of the worst affected slum areas abutting the musi.

Families are struggling to put back their life’s to normalcy & waging a lonely battle.

In some areas, GHMC is using pressure pumps to clean up the sludge in the by lanes and house but too little.

Food, Clothing, Blankets, mattress, Utensils, dry rations etc need to be provisioned over the next few days.

While the Voluntary Organizations have the intent but lack the quantum of resources required to rebuild and kickstart life’s, which looks a massive and ardent effort.

Our preliminary estimate is 10-12k House holds conservatively in over 60 Slums, south of musi are in need of Relief and Rehabilitation.

A package of at least 100 – 150 Crores is required just to restore normalcy – This is not to forget hundreds of push cart vendors, small kirana shops & other hawkers have lost their stocks, material and will need an additional package for rehabilitation.

All Voluntary organizations/NGOs with best of efforts cannot exceed 5% of the required funds thus leaving a huge gap.

However, given the grim situation, Voluntarism & Voluntary Organizations will strive & make every effort to do their bit.

At, HHF, we have identified several slums like Moosarambagh, Chaderghat in Malakpet division, Hashamabad, Fatimanagar, ali Nagar, Al Juabil Colony in falaknuma division, Ganganagar, Amannagar, Bhavinagar, Janpath Nagar in Yakutpura division to name a few where are staff is making a concerted effort to deliver relief and also helping in cleaning up operations.

We thank our patrons who have been supporting us from distant places of the Globe and within the city. With your support & blessing of almighty we & other organizations are able to provide some succour to the hapless souls out there.

lastly, the risk of the epidemic looms are large and this will be disastrous if it happens given that we are still not of out the woods with the COVID pandemic

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