We don’t oppose Hinduism…. but Hindutva we oppose

.   Hinduism  we can live with

.      with Hindutva we cannot

.    *We don’t oppose Hinduism 🕉 *

.       * but Hindutva we oppose*

.        for its lies that are used

.  to create against fellow Indians

.       doesn’t matter what their

.    religion, race, caste or creed!


Sanghis / Hindutva / RSS / HSS / VHP/ VHP A are all the same. Origin is Hindutva of Savarkar / Golwalkar / Hedgewar. No difference.

Hinduism 🕉 is completely different from Hindutva. We must always while addressing issues relating to them in speech or writings respect Hinduism but draw a clear distinction between Hinduism 🕉 and Hindutva.

We respect and accept Hinduism as an age old religion that does not discard virtue and considers telling lies is wrong where as Hindutva is not a religion and not even an ideology it’s just a bunch of lose base and gross inhuman thoughts based not on virtues but lies and barbarity. We have to and will oppose Hindutva by all means! We cannot tolerate blatant lies and extreme violence.

We do not talk bad and of any religion coz our religion Islam expressly prohibits it. Our holy scripture The Glorious Quran clearly says ”Unto Your Religion Unto Me Mine”.

Positioning Statement  of Muslim

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