Where are the pensions,and where is the Gratuity: Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad, August 20::Jaggareddy legislator from sangareddy addressed the media on Thursday at assembly hall

Jagga Reddy alleged that If there are two in the house congress party given pension to two people
The TRS party, however, gave a pension to only one person in the house. However, in 2018, the people voted for TRS again he added

Jagga Reddy warned that if appropriate assurance hasn’t come
From the government regarding unemployment gratuity as well as old age pensions,he would like to watch till September 2 if not he said that he would like to sit for hunger strike in front of Pragati Bhavan

Jaggareddy said People were in necked depth problems due to thelack of work,lack of money Give pension now in this tough circumstances For Unemployed .57-year-old citizens should be do immediately official announce on the pensionshe demanded the government

He mocked the KCR Pension is given 6 months before the election
The assurances given by KCR are also forgottenWhat is the unemployment benefit for the unemployed

at the time of the elections KCR announced in mani festo pension of Rs 3,016 will be given to those who are 57 years oldBut so far, those over 57 have not received a pension he blamed the government of Telangana After completion of the two years ruling tenure also Chief Minister not implementing the scheme what is
The reason beyond this he asked

Where is the pension of 57 years old citizens,as per manifesto announcement,he recalled that KCR
Told manifesto is sacred like religion epics Bhagawath Gita,khuran, Bible

KCR is giving a new incarnation to every election . People also believing the same and also he said, What is the pension to be given to those over 57 years of age Manifesto Bible .. Quran, Bhagavad Gita said,KCR is a leader with the ingenuity to believe that a lie is true

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