where Indians are denied entry by Indian owners and allow entry to only foreigners

It’s hard to believe but there are places in India where Indians are denied entry. Most of these places are being run by Indian owners and allow entry to only foreigners

This hotel in Bengaluru was set up in 2012 exclusively for Japanese people. However, the hotel was soon shut down by the Greater Bangalore City Corporation in the year 2014 on charges of racial discrimination

No. Club doesn’t exist now.only Then Maharajah patiala was the only indian member but as he was famous for his testosterone exploits and as he had his romantic liaison with then Viceroy sister and took a photo with her draped in saree at famous Mall Road , he also was declared persona non grata . The spot where the scandalous pose was taken became known as Scandal point in the Mall Road . Tabloids in then Shimla had a gala time. Maharajah Hari singh bought an estate just opposite Mall Road in Chail , where he built a palace with telescope towards Shimla. This palace has the distinction of being the highest cricket ground in the world

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