Where is the unemployment gratuity Ask your KCR at once AICC secretary Sampath

Hyderabad, September 20:Sampath Kumar former MLA and AICC secretary.asked in the context
Of loksabha questioning hour Nagarkurnool MP Ramulu yesterday demanded Rs 5,000 per month compensation for SC, ST and unemployed in Parliament. And what if the TRS had promised to pay Rs 3,000 a month to the unemployed in the state in the last elections where is that unemployment gratuity
Ask your KCR at once,He added

AICC secretary pointed out that Another MP, Keshav Rao, said in the Rajya Sabha that he had seen a mound of corpses in a hospital in the state in the wake of the coronation.

Congress does the same. The government counts all the thieves in the case of Covid 19. Yet the government must keep its eyes open On Wealth samapath Kumar suggested to the keshav Rao

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