Whether Secretriat is Not in Telangana state: Jagga Reddy

Hyderabad,June 12:: Sangareddy MLA Jaggareddi Says Undemocratic administration continues in the Telangana state

Whether or not the Secretariat will be established after the formation of the KCR Government . jaggareddy expressed the doubt

Opposition MLAs not likely to meet CM Is there a secretariat or . Have a Patience of Ministers . Congress legislator wants to Pragatibhavan are used by TRS MLAs and officials It is a question of whether there are no CM and ministers in the state.

Problems with whom one has no direction.from three and a half years old there is no water in Sangareddy, Singur and Manjira Dams.CMs in the last Congress government who give time to the common man and the MLAs also

TRS MLAs not going to go to even CM gate also opposition party leaders go to the police and make arrests if they have problems .

Government suppress the voices of the opposition political parties he expressed his anguish
This government blends public rights Public issues will not come to light.Opposition and people are arrested by the police and rotated around the courts unless the KCR says otherwise.Jaggareddy said that Nogovernment has done so much in 70 years of this much ghastly and dangerous administration.

The government is acting like recklessly on Corono . patients aren’t receiving the proper treatment inGandhi Hospital he saidPeople are worried about what it means to be a government hospital in the stateKCR is giving free advice on eating mutton and chicken not good suggestion he critisized

Those who are hospitalized with Carono are not getting the right nutrition food ..He blames that governmentDo not provide proper facilities for doctors

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