Who has committed the most murders in the history of the world? 

* 1- Hitler *
Do you know who he was?
He was a Christian, but the media never called him a Christian terrorist.

* 2. Joseph Stalin *
It killed twenty million people (equivalent to one million), fourteen and a half million of whom died of starvation. Was he a Muslim?

* 3. Mauze Tung *
He killed fourteen to twenty million people. Was he a Muslim?

* 4. Mussolini *
He is the killer of four lakh people. Was he a Muslim?

* 5. Ashoka *
He killed one lakh people in the battle of Kalinga. Was he a Muslim?

* 6-George W. Bush’s trade sanctions killed half a million children in Iraq alone.
The media never calls them terrorists.

Nowadays, non-Muslims become anxious when they hear the word jihad, while jihad does not mean killing innocent people, but jihad against evil and seeking justice.

* A few more facts: *

1. Seventeen (17) million people died in the First World War and the cause of the war was non-Muslims.

2. Fifty-fifty five (50-55) million people were killed in World War II and the cause? Non-Muslim.

3- Nuclear attack on Nagasaki killed 200,000 people and the cause? Non-Muslim

4. The cause of 500,000 deaths in the Vietnam War is also non-Muslim.

5. The Bosnian war also caused
five (5) lakh deaths. Reason – Non-Muslim.

6. Non-Muslims are also the cause of 12 million deaths in the Iraq war so far.

7-Afghanistan. The cause of the civil war in Palestine and Burma? Non-Muslims

8-Non-Muslims also cause about three (3) lakh deaths in  Cambodia.

* Summary: *

No terrorist is a Muslim. And no Muslim is a terrorist.  And most importantly, the inventors of any weapon of mass destruction are not Muslims.  And the weapons in the hands of the alleged terrorists today were not made in an “Islamic factory”.  * These facts should be communicated to as many people as possible*

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