Why everything is going against Muslims in India….

Asad & Akbar Owaisi had become the Rothschild & Rockfeller’s of Muslim politics , Previously aided by Congress and presently by BJP/RSS.   They controlled the Muslim Personnel Law Board by there association with govt. whether it was UPA (or) present BJP.
They role they played in Babri Masjid issue is very clear and there role is no less than Mir Jaffer & Mir Sadiq.  In Hyderabad they created a platform Majlis E Amal , all Moulana’s & Mashaiq’s with ther dirty past and with there self interest rallied around Asaduddin and accepted him as there leader who looks after there material interest and have his own dealings with the State govt (KCR &Trs).

No Moulana ( or) Mullah of Muslim Personal law Board at national level (OR) Majlis E Amal of Telangana Hyderabad is ready to open their mouth out fear as Asad & Akbar Owais are directly connected to BJP and TRS , If they dare talk what is right , many of there scandals will be investigated by the govt agencies .

Previously Muslims of Hyderabad use to love Majlis (MIM) emotionally , but today they are scared of mafia in the name of MIM headed by Asad & Akbar Owaisi . Famous poet Munawar Rana rightly demanded a through investigation into unaccounted wealth (15000 crores) is Asad & Akbar Owaisi to stop exploitation of Muslims .  Hopefully the next election in India will be on biometric EVM linked to Aadhar, that will be a game changer wherein Asad & Akbar will fail in casting bogus and fake votes. Real Muslim unity and Muslim voice will be heard through genuine Muslim leaders who will take on the fascist forces democratically . The fight for rebuilding Mosque’s will continue.


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