YCP Govt not giving 6 lakh houses to poor families: TDP MLC Ashok Babu

AMARAVATI: TDP MLC and APNGOs former president P. Ashok Babu on Monday accused the YCP Government of causing needless delay in distribution of nearly 6 lakh houses to the poor beneficiaries for the last 15 months.
He said all these houses were almost completed during the previous TDP regime while the lists of beneficiaries were also prepared. The Jagan Reddy government has deliberately stalled final distribution in order to deny these benefits to the intended poor families.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr. Ashok Babu demanded that the Government should immediately pay the Rs. 1,100 Cr dues to both the beneficiaries and contractors. Each beneficiary has already paid Rs. 25,000 while the remaining amounts would be adjusted with bank loans and Central subsidy. In the entire country, the Centre sanctioned the highest number of 15 lakh houses to AP during TDP regime. Over 8.5 lakh houses were completed and already distributed while another 6 lakh were due for distribution.

The TDP MLC slammed the ruling party for ‘changing’ the already finalised lists of beneficiaries in order to remove some names on the pretext of their loyalties to the TDP. This would not be correct. If there were any irregularities in the lists, the Government may order enquiries and delete undeserving beneficiaries. It would be wrong to deny the allotment of houses to the already finalised deserving beneficiaries.

Ashok Babu refuted the YCP allegations, saying that the TDP rule gave priority to construction of good quality houses that would last at least 30 to 50 years. In some places, the Government used these unallotted houses as Coronavirus quarantine centres. The YCP has no moral right to criticise since it was the TDP which was the first political party that has constructed houses for poor families. This has laid foundation for the national level housing programme.

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