You destroyed education, you destroyed the homeland… What do you know about Mauritius?

* You destroyed education, you destroyed the homeland *
* One of the most amazing reads *
* What do you know about Mauritius? *

* It is a small African country that provides education for free until the end of the university level. This includes transporting students from their homes to their schools at the expense of the state. In Mauritius, education is a service provided by the state free of charge to the citizen and not a commodity for sale.

* Mauritius provides treatment and health care free of charge to all its citizens, and this includes even heart surgeries with high costs, and there are no merchants in citizens’ health.

* As for home ownership, did you know that 90% of Mauritian citizens live in homes owned by them and there are no homeless families or families complaining about the high prices of land and building materials?

* The per capita income in Mauritius has reached 19600 dollars and they are not proud that they are the highest income in Africa.

* The Republic of Mauritius, the richest African country, despite its lack of natural resources, neither oil nor minerals, but rather relies on people, then agriculture and exportation of agricultural products after their manufacture, and tourism is an exceptional source of income for this country.

* Military spending comes in the margins of the budget and actual spending on health, education and services.

* President of Mauritius, Dr. Amina Gharib Fakim, a scientist with a PhD in organic chemistry, the most famous of what she said: “She chose me as a politician and I did not choose her.”
Dr. Amina Gharib Fakim ​​is the author of more than 20 books and 8 papers in biology all over the world.

* Muslims are a minority in the Republic of Mauritius, where they make up only 17% of the citizens. Despite this, the people chose a Muslim president, because it is a society that coexists in peace and is not governed by religious or sectarian strife.
* A university professor wrote an expressive letter for his PhD, MA and BA students, which he placed at the entrance to the college at the university in South Africa
This reads:

Destroying any nation does not require nuclear bombs or long-range missiles.
But it needs to reduce the quality of education and allow students to cheat .. !!
The patient dies at the hands of a doctor who succeeds in cheating ..!
The houses collapse at the hands of an engineer who cheated!
We lose money at the hands of an accountant who cheated …!
Religion dies at the hands of a Fanatic who succeeds in cheating ..!
Justice is lost at the hands of a judge who succeeds in cheating ..!
And ignorance spreads in the minds of children at the hands of a teacher who succeeded in cheating ..!

* Collapse of Education = Collapse of the Nation *

* Send it to every Indian who tries to live with dignity in his homeland Transported….

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