YSRCP Commissions scam in House Sites: TDP

AMARAVATI: Telugu Desam Party AP President K. Kala Venkatrao on Monday accused the Jaganmohan Reddy government of causing severe injustice to the poor people by luring and betraying them in the distribution of house sites and land purchases in the state.

Mr. Venkatrao deplored that the ruling party leaders were giving house sites located nearer to villages if the poor family pays Rs. 1 lakh commission and above. If they pay Rs. 30,000, the house sites were being given in uninhabitable places like the village ponds. If smaller amounts like Rs. 10,000 are paid, they are being given house sites in places like cremation grounds.

In a statement here, the TDP leader said over 60 families complained to the District Collector about the rising demands for commissions from the ruling party leaders only in Tanuku assembly segment. From this, it is clear about the alarming extent of YCP exploitation all over the state. Two families complained how they were being forced to pay Rs. 40,000 commission for sanctioning house sites at Iragavaram in Tanuku segment.

Mr. Venkatrao recalled how a farmer finally filed a police case at Palacole as the local YCP leaders cheated him in the purchase of his land by the Government for house sites. Initially, YCP leaders promised to give him share in additional profits but later they took away all the cash benefits leaving the farmer in losses despite losing his land. This was a naked example of the looting and plundering of public money by ruling party leaders in land purchases.

Stating that massive irregularities took place in pricing of lands, Mr. Venkatrao said the Government bought lands worth Rs. 5 lakh and less at Rs. 45 lakh to Rs. 75 lakh per acre and these higher rates were offered for lands of YCP leaders. Like this, Rs. 690 cr corruption took place in West Godavari and Rs. 183 cr scam occurred in Penamaluru segment in Krishna district. In Penamaluru, Rs. 75 lakh was paid for lands worth just Rs. 40 lakh per acre.

The TDP leader said the YCP leaders collected massive commissions of nearly Rs. 1,400 Cr from the farmers who sold their lands under the house sites programme. They also collected Rs. 200 Cr commissions from the beneficiaries of house sites. Altogether, the land purchases and house sites corruption has reached Rs. 1,600 Cr.

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