YSRCPP Seek Disqualification of Rebel MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju

New Delhi, July 3: A delegation of YSRCP MPs, led by Party General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP V Vijaysai Reddy, met Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla here on Friday seeking the disqualification of Narsapuram MP Raghurama Krishna Raju for his anti-party activities.

Addressing media after submitting the disqualification petition, Vijaysai Reddy said that the Lok Sabha Speaker responded positively and assured to take action after going through the case.

“Raghurama Krishna Raju created an awkward situation, by airing his views which were against the Party line and his conduct was highly questionable and lost the moral ground to be a member of the House representing the Party. He was also hobnobbing with the leaders of the Opposition Party and many times, he used unparliamentary language against our Party President and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and other party members. He has never discussed his inconvenience within the Party forum anytime, instead, took it up in the public, going against the party guidelines.” he said.

The Narsapuram MP had colluded with opposition party leaders and went against the Party guidelines and discipline. The anti-defection law applies to Raghurama Krishna Raju, who contradicted the Party rules and he even misused the freedom of speech and Section 10 should be invoked.
Though he was elected on our Party ticket, he started criticizing the Party line on various issues and took to media joining chorus with Opposition. In public view it was a manifestation of theoretical assumption and his personal and political conduct attracts anti-defection provisions. His public defiance of Party line attracts the anti-Party provisions and he has passed lewd comments on the Party and the leadership.

After being convinced that his heart and soul are not wtih the Party, we have taken the decision to file the disqualification petition with the Lok Sabha Speaker.

Party Floor Leader in Lok Sabha Mithun Reddy said that Raghurama Krisha Raju was given due prominence in the Party by nominating him to important committees. He has been critical about the Party and the reply to the notice given to him was irresponsible which has forced us to give this notice.

Party Whip, M Bharat said that Raju behaved like an opposition within the Party and lacked the true spirit of the Party which he represents. He was given many opportunities during the debates, but he has been talking contrary to the Party decision on introduction of English medium from primary level and Tirupati lands.

MP Nandigama Suresh challenged Raghurama Krishna Raju to resign and contest without party support and win again. “As he clearly stated that he won with his own popularity but not with the party support, he can resign and go for an election. Even after getting elected with party support, he went against the manifesto and made critical remarks opposing the government’s move to implement English medium in government schools. He also argued on proposed sale of certain Tirumala assets and made improper remarks against the government. He lacks commitment towards the party but prioritises his self gains. With his conduct, people are not going to trust him in future and reject him.”

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